Apple Cider Vinegar

I just started to include raw apple cider vinegar into my daily wellness routine. It’s supposed to have amazing health benefits! Increased energy levels, promotes weight loss and healthy digestion, fight sickness and help acne! I’m very excited to see if the benefits are true! 

Do any of you include this in your daily routine? 



The Kindness of Strangers


I was laid off from my job yesterday. It’s a bit scary but also quite a blessing as it really wasn’t a good fit for me. I am a very sensitive person and being in a toxic environment day to day was truly a strain on my happiness.

I have spent my day job hunting, studying for an exam, and took a lovely lunch hour yoga class. As I was leaving I decided to take a peek into the raw food cafe downstairs and was so pleasantly surprised. I had an amazing fresh smoothie with blue berries and chia seeds. As I was checking out, the woman employee apologized for not being able to speak to me sooner (as she was with a different client) because she wants to give me love!! She was smiling and laughing and it was just the sweetest thing. The kindness of strangers can really turn a whole day around.

Has a kind stranger ever made your day?