Soothing my Strained Heart

I have been so overwhelmed with emotional stress and pain lately I am doing what I can to alleviate the strain. Clean sheets, a hot cup of tea, lavender oil, journaling with black ink, and watercolors soothe my strained heart. Image

I have some chronic pain issues and woke up very early this morning just aching. I soaked away in a hot bath listening to the dreams and night time rhythms of Stevie Nicks, letting the pain drift away with the steam.




I am a huge fan of bath products and these bath salts by Knopp are truly incredible. Today, I chose the Juniper to help ease my strained lower back muscles and alleviate the pain. They are extremely high quality, foam beautifully, and are pure.

I’m spending the rest of the day trying to nurture the soreness out of my heart reminding myself that all is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. I am free.




Callie, Lately

My days have been filled with some wonderful things lately. Lots of tea drinking, boot-wearing, puppy playing, reading, and downward dogging. We very rarely get a real fall here as we usually jump straight from desert summer to winter, but this year fall is glorious.


I am absolutely in love with my new yoga studio. I am practicing 4-5 times a week and I truly feel at home and at peace on the mat. I am growing and learning exponentially and I am so grateful for this special, sacred time.


When I’m not in class, in the office, or on the mat you will find me here.


I am the BIGGEST fan of bath products. Do you have any favorite salts or soaks I should try? I will share my favorites soon!.

❤ Callie Lee