Dreary Days

To be completely candid, I suffer from serious and often debilitating depression. These dark months after Christmas are very hard on me. Being starved of sun light can cause my moods to plummet into dark depths. This year I am determined to remedy this as much as possible with a good vitamin D supplement, moon watching, and long walks in the forest. 

Indoors, I turn to hot tea and baths, books, poetry, and woolen socks. 




The Day After

The day after Christmas always makes me melancholy. The glitter of Christmas has gone and life seems a little well…flat and ordinary again. This year I am determined to hold onto the magic all year long. Image


Red and white tulips were a more unusual choice than poinsettias and gave such a festive air to the house.


Homemade chocolate mousse for dessert was delicious and a nice light choice after such a huge meal! Shall I share my recipe in another post?


My mom’s favorite nativity set. Unfortunately, one of the magi is missing a hand!

I hope you all have a wonderful “Day After.” I am drinking copious amounts of tea, playing with my new ipad- any apps I need?!!-, and contemplating picking up Anna Karenina. Have a blessed day.

It’s a Wonderful Life

I woke up before dawn this morning with my mom to take our beautiful boys on a walk. It was the best possible start to the most magical day of the year, Christmas Eve.


I am warm in front of a fire, sipping a glass of champagne, and about to settle down to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. Considering I am a huge Jimmy Stewart fan, I can’t believe I’ve never actually seen it.


It has not been the easiest holiday season for me this year. But I am truly appreciating the beauty of the season, the birth of our savior, and the love of those rare true friends and family.

Peonies and Elderberries

It has taken me some time, but finally with two days to go until Christmas I feel in the spirits.

I spent the morning wandering Whole Foods with my mother, of course spending too much time among the flowers. I spent time chatting with the most lovely woman who worked there about peonies, tulips, and how to care for them.


Since I have been ill with a respiratory infection, I picked up some elderberry syrup and made a wonderful tonic. It is so colorful and tastes amazing. Elderberry is an old wives cure for the flu and colds.

3 tablespoons elderberry syrup.

Equal Parts lemon ginger juice and sparkling lime water.

lots of ice.

I’m spending the rest of the day curled up under a blanket reading. Are you prepared for Christmas Eve?