And I danced

I get lost in the blinking lights of the casino. I float away in the haze of cigarette smoke and my thoughts ping like the slot machines.

Sweet alcohol slid through my veins.

I wiped the sweat from my brow. And a man looked at me.

You are faking it, he said.

What do you mean?

You dance like you have confidence. We both know you don’t have any.

I sat down.

I lit up a cigarette and stared at him.

I must have a tell. I am a terrible gambler.




He could be my right now

I used to walk up and down those streets. I thought I was happy.

Sometimes he would walk with me. We never held hands.

We didn’t need to.

I was eighteen. I still feel the cool desert air kiss my skin. I still see him in the glow of the street lamps.



Spider’s Silk

He started to unravel the rope, thread by thread. Until all that was left coming out of my heart was a single thread of spider’s silk. It’s one of the strongest materials on Earth. It could hold a car, or a building, and be taut.

There was a flash of the shears. Blood. But from me, not a single tear.

I blinked. He looks down.

He didn’t even know he was holding the scissors.

And his ocean of sorrow parted. He crashed and stormed and thundered around me. But I stood still. Unmovable. Still as stone.