The Kindness of Strangers


I was laid off from my job yesterday. It’s a bit scary but also quite a blessing as it really wasn’t a good fit for me. I am a very sensitive person and being in a toxic environment day to day was truly a strain on my happiness.

I have spent my day job hunting, studying for an exam, and took a lovely lunch hour yoga class. As I was leaving I decided to take a peek into the raw food cafe downstairs and was so pleasantly surprised. I had an amazing fresh smoothie with blue berries and chia seeds. As I was checking out, the woman employee apologized for not being able to speak to me sooner (as she was with a different client) because she wants to give me love!! She was smiling and laughing and it was just the sweetest thing. The kindness of strangers can really turn a whole day around.

Has a kind stranger ever made your day?






I am learning that like the Earth and like the Moon, I am seasonal.

Today, I am morose and melancholy, an internal reflection of the weather. As I sip green tea, I long to be in a bath, my thoughts drifting away with the heat. I am learning not to fight these feelings. They are as apart of me as much as the utmost joys and pleasures. They will come and go. The ebb and flow. I will melt into the tide, with my breath, and wait for it to rise. Maybe tonight, with the moon.

Silver Sliver

The moment when you are searching through a recipe box, and there is his hand writing. It looks like it could have been written yesterday. And you remember the type of pen he used. the same yellow wire bound note pad he preferred. exactly where and how he would have been standing at the counter.

The moment when you are unpacking clothes and find a pair of his shorts. The same pair that he gave you to wear one summer morning. The morning you were laughing and suddenly he was extremely grave. And we both knew. We were silly teenagers doing things we shouldn’t have been. He should have kissed me. I shouldn’t have laughed the moment away. ,

That silver sliver icicle of grief that pierces to the bone. Image


Gilded Cupids and Dust-Furred Windows

IMG_0109 IMG_0071

My favorite author Donna Tartt has released her new novel after an excruciatingly long hiatus. I have been celebrating with lovely drinks, a new journal, fresh sheets, and long luxurious hours of soaking up her words.

“A wildneress of gilt, gleaming in the slant from the dust-furred windows: gilded cupids, gilded commodes and torchieres, and- undercutting the old-wood smell- the reek of turpentine, oil paint, and varnish. I followed him through the workshop along a path swept in the sawdust, past pegboards and tools, dismembered chairs and claw-foot tables sprawled with their legs in the air. Though a big man he was graceful, “a floater” my mother would have called him, something effortless and gliding in the way he carried himself. With my eyes on the heels of his slippered feet, I followed him up some narrow stairs and into a dim room, richly carpeted, where black urns stood on pedestals and tasseled draperies were drawn against the sun.”

Callie, Lately

My days have been filled with some wonderful things lately. Lots of tea drinking, boot-wearing, puppy playing, reading, and downward dogging. We very rarely get a real fall here as we usually jump straight from desert summer to winter, but this year fall is glorious.


I am absolutely in love with my new yoga studio. I am practicing 4-5 times a week and I truly feel at home and at peace on the mat. I am growing and learning exponentially and I am so grateful for this special, sacred time.


When I’m not in class, in the office, or on the mat you will find me here.


I am the BIGGEST fan of bath products. Do you have any favorite salts or soaks I should try? I will share my favorites soon!.

❤ Callie Lee